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Skincare Peels

What is a skincare or sometimes referred to as chemical peel?

By definition, a chemical peel is a controlled skin burn with the intent to remove skin cells. Don’t worry, while this might sound a little scary and technical, peels have been around for a long time and are recognized by experts as an effective way to reveal clearer, brighter, smoother, softer and younger-looking skin. 

Who can really benefit from a chemical peel?

Everyone! — Considerations like the level of your sensitivity and specific skin concerns come into play regarding the type, amount and frequency of the chemical peels you’d be best suited to receive from your skincare professional. 


Will I actually peel?

It depends! — When we refer to downtime in skin treatments, this is “the expected time to return to normal lifestyle.” More intensive procedures can result in redness, skin flaking or peeling. 

Our peels causes little-to-no downtime. It’s possible you’ll see some slight redness post-treatment, but expect visible improvement in skin condition and texture after just a single use. 

If you regularly use retinol or other chemical exfoliants (think: glycolic, lactic, salicylic and other alpha, beta or poly hydroxy acids) your skin may be accustomed to active ingredients and might not peel at all. 

Have no fear though, there’s nothing wrong with a little sloughing (the slight peeling or flaking of the skin). Just make sure to not pick at or scrub off this skin, as that could lead to irritation and scarring. Once the sloughing has subsided, you can expect smooth, clear and bright skin. 


Some do’s and don'ts to keep in mind

  • DO use SPF: While sunscreen is a must every single day, it’s especially important after a chemical peel since skin will be more sensitive and susceptible to sun damage.

  • DON’T overdo it: Avoid using intense treatments for a few days while skin is healing to avoid irritation from over exfoliation. 

  • DO upkeep with products: Use Renew Serum or Brightening Serum in the days following your peel to help enhance the results of the treatment. 

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