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Shayna Kuper

Balancing wellness encompassing  mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and physical health are things I strive for daily. It’s a work in progress, but everyday is a new day! I’m a busy mom of two, a middle school health and Spanish teacher, a cross country and track coach, and an athletic director. I’ve learned in so many ways that I have to be healthy to care for all those I am responsible for.


How did I start my fitness path? It started  “way back”  in college when I was the supervising aerobic instructor for the UWO fitness center. I have taught a wide variety of fitness classes ever since. My passion for health is endless.  Ask my students! I can carry on about any health topic. I have a Bachelors in Health Education, and am certified in yoga, pilates, and group fitness instruction.


When I am not working out I am spending time with my family and friends. I very much enjoy traveling, hanging out on the boat, reading, cooking, shopping, and anything to do with warm weather or country music. I love learning about how to treat my body better and what to do to make it work better.


Let’s work and learn more together!


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