WildRoots is the only Pilates studio in Salem, WI offering group classes and private lessons. We have a PMA Certified Pilates Teacher. With an intentionally small class size, we can ensure each student will receive the time and attention needed to learn the proper technique. We are a fully equipped studio; we have a Reformer, chair, wall towers, spine corrector, and Pilates rings.

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Foundational principles will help ground you in your Pilates practice.

1) Concentration- Whole Body Movements
2) Balanced Muscle Development
3) Control
4) Centering
5) Fluidity of Movement & Rhythm
6) Precision
7) Breathing





Pilates Breakdown:
Pilates is very dynamic and it is important to us at WildRoots that it is taught properly. There are many different skill levels and benefits available through its practice. Knowing this, it is essential to guests to begin their journey on the right foot. To achieve the best outcomes possible, there are important steps to start your journey from beginner to more experienced Mat Pilates. Below lists the class requirements.


After completion of the Private Equipment One-on-One, you venture into group equipment classes. Equipment work in Pilates involves the use of specifically designed equipment to strengthen and lengthen the muscles and align skeletal structures within the body. Classes are kept to 5 guests per instructor to ensure the best individual attention and care. You must complete five group equipment classes to move into Mat Pilates.


After completion of the Group Equipment Classes, you are now prepared for Mat Classes. Mat Classes are the most complex and challenging of any Pilates class. During these classes, all the fundamental principles you have gained through previous classes are being put to use.

Adaptive Pilates:

The Pilates Method can be successfully applied in a vast range of situations to improve health and well being. In our adaptive Pilates class we will work with those that need to get moving but don’t know where to start. We will adapt to the needs of the individual. Those that need this class are: not able to get onto the floor, have little to no balance, over weight, have had hip or knee replacements, spinal surgery and disk fusion, scoliosis, osteoporosis, and anyBODY that wants to feel well with encouraging movements. Pilates utilizes rehabilitation exercise to facilitate basic functional movement. ADAPTIVE Pilates has something extraordinary to offer.

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"If your spine is inflexible at 30, then you are old. If it is flexible at 60, you are young."

"First equipped Pilates studio in Southeastern Wisconsin"  

Private Equipment One-on-One Class: $50 each

Cancelation Policy

  • When possible, please allow 24 hours for canceling to allow another person the opportunity to register for the class

  • Cancelation is acceptable when there is more than 8 hours before a class (no penalty)

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