Lainey Toennies 

Lainey is WildRoots Salon & Studio and Turningleaf Acupuncture's studio coordinator. She is also a licensed Pilates instructor and yoga instructor.  Lainey has been practicing Pilates and yoga for over 5 years.  The low impact, strength training that Pilates offers was the type of workout Lainey relied upon after being hospitalized in college.


Lainey's mission as a Pilates and yoga instructor is to help everyone, no matter their age or fitness level, attain their own wellness. Finding mental, physical, and soulful wholeness along the way is key to one's unadulterated wellness!


Lainey is married to her husband Conner, and has two Labradors, Eve and Butter.  When she's not geeking out on new Pilates material, photographing her pets and other wildlife, or baking you can find Lainey scouring the streets in search of incredible coffee and dogs who need petting!