Jenny Geib

I am thrilled to be working with the WildRoots team. Since embarking on this healing massage journey and arriving at the Utah College of Massage Therapy in October 2001, I have found my passion in guiding others toward the path for enjoying a higher quality of life. It is my wish to connect with people who desire to reduce stress and create more time to nurture vibrant health on all levels. Massage is an excellent way to enrich, support and integrate the shifts that happen with the healing power of touch and relaxation.


I create each massage to suit your needs by drawing from the variety of techniques I have studied and practiced over the last 17 years. The result is a lomi-lomi based fusion of Swedish, deep tissue/trigger point therapy, Thai massage and shiatsu. One client recent said my massage style is “a perfect blend of science and art, dance and therapy.”


Come on in and allow my experienced hands to soothe your aches and pains while guiding you to a place of healing rest and relaxation.


Keep in mind...

 “Ordinary things done consistently produce extraordinary results.”  ~Keith Cunnigham~