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Extension services offered:

I-tip bead in Extensions
I-tip fusion Extensions
Tape in Extensions

Though we are trained in many installation techniques, our favorite brand is DreamCatchers Extensions. DreamCatchers uses the I-tip bead installation. In our experience the Dream Catcher hair is of the highest quality "Remi" European hair that can be colored, permed or styled allowing you to treat them exactly as you would your own natural hair. To ensure elite quality the hair cuticle is left intact, giving them an incredible silky, manageable quality and feel. The DreamCatcher Extensions do not use any damaging glues, waxes or chemicals, which means with proper maintenance you are able to use the DreamCatchers extensions for 1-2 years!

Hair Extensions are an incredible way to transform the appearance of fine, lifeless or short hair into thick, beautiful or long hair. We offer full head installations for length and volume or partial installations for volume and/or adding length to certain areas.

Please call to set up your complimentary consultation and see what Extensions can do to change your life!

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