Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: Are you a Pilates studio near me?

A: Our Pilates and yoga studio is located within our integrative healing center on

Hwy 50 in between Kenosha and Lake Geneva at 7510 288th Ave.We share a parking

lot with Breezy Hill Nursery Garden Center and Healing Grounds Cafe & Juicery.


Q: What type of Pilates classes are offered? 


A: We were the first equipped Pilates studio in Southeastern Wisconsin (20 minutes from Lake Geneva & Kenosha!) and therefore offer a variety of studio pilates classes that utilize wall towers, pilates reformers, spine correctors, magic circles, bands, weights, and pilates mat work.  

Q: How is mat Pilates different from equipment Pilates classes? 


A: We always start students off in equipment Pilates class first to help build the foundation and body mechanics needed to properly, effectively and safely perform Pilates.  The equipment will help provide feedback to allow you to really learn the foundation of Pilates.  With mat work, you are using your body weight as resistance for the movements and performing them solely on a mat.  


Q: Why Pilates? 


A: The focus of our studio is founded on the foundation of Pilates. We help students become aware of their bodies and teach them to have a good understanding of body mechanics. This focus allows for them to get the most out of their sessions in a safe manner, not only in the Pilates classes, but in other fitness classes students might pursue (ie. Yoga, SUP Yoga, Zumba, Barre, Toning Cardio, etc.).  


Q: Is Pilates the only option? 


A: Not a chance!  Our studio space is ever evolving with fresh new classes and instructors popping up often and seasonally (re: SUP Yoga, Barre, Workshops and special series)!  The best way to stay apprised of all of the latest offerings is to sign up for our monthly newsletter:   (link) as well as follow us on social media at:  (lin insta and facebook) 


Q: Can I just sign up for 1 class or do you offer packages or memberships? 


A: All of the above! You can always sign up for a single Pilates, Yoga, Tone Up or other group fitness class (as long as there are openings of course).  We also offer a Wild Card Package that allows you to buy 10 single day passes to use for any studio classes.  However, the best bang for your buck and the program that we see the most change for students in, is our customizable BALANCE membership programs.  All info is available here: (link to balance page on website)


Q: Am I going to be the only guy in class?


A: You might be, but is that necessarily a bad thing?! We have a handful of men that join our group classes or sign up for private sessions.  All genders are welcome, teens, young adults, and even our 90 year old grandmothers!  Another perk to small class size, individual attention and direction! 


Q: I’m pregnant, can I still join Pilates, yoga or other group fitness classes? 


A: First of all, congratulations on this beautiful time in your life!! Second of all, baby is going to need a strong momma in mind, body, and soul, so while the answer is yes, it’s always recommended to speak with your doctor first before taking any classes.  We also would love to see you for a private session before so that we may discuss your goals throughout pregnancy and any modifications to ensure your safety and success! You can sign up for your session here: (link to private session in MB)


Q: It’s my first time in class, any tips? 


A: Welcome!! We are so thrilled to have you with us for Pilates, yoga, or our other group fitness classes! While our instructors are pretty tuned into our new clients, a reminder that it’s your first time is always welcomed.  We prefer a back of the room spot so that you can sneak peeks at those around you for guidance in your new poses! 


Q: What should I wear? 


A: For starters, something that makes you feel your best!  That might be an old t-shirt and yoga pants or a new matching set, but whatever it is, we want you to feel great while you’re amping up those endorphins!  We prefer yoga pants over shorts for most classes to allow for optimum flexibility and comfort.  Pilates and yoga can be practiced barefoot or in a grippy sock.  


Q: Do you have a locker room/shower? 


A: Our quaint setting & intentionally small class sizes are what set us apart.  We do not currently have either option onsite but you’re always welcome to change and freshen up in the bathroom! 


Q: Can I bring a cell phone into class? 


A: We adore and encourage a social media tag but ask that you hit the silent button and take your photos pre or post class as to not disrupt other clients. 


Q: I love my Pilates/Yoga/Tone Up Classes, can I bring a friend to try with me? 


A: Of course!! There is even a slick way to sign them up under your account in MindBody by following the steps below: 

  • Login to Mindbody account on computer

  • Click on the Studio Classes tab along the top of the page

  • Find the class you wish to sign up for and click Sign Up Now

  • On the Make a Reservation page, click “Someone Else”

  • Type in that person’s name

  • Click Make a Single Reservation

  • This will then take you to the payment screen where you can complete the sign up and payment process!


Q: I’m running late for class, what should I do? 


A: Please don’t rush- simply call our front desk at 262-586-0199 and let them know your new ETA.  They will alert the instructor to expect your tip toe arrival and save a mat for you! 


Q: I’m struggling to get to your location with my schedule some days, but I really want to take a class…


A: Well you’re in luck; a bright side to the pandemic last year brought us into the virtual class world!  Virtual classes are listed on the same schedule as our in-person studio classes through MindBody: (link). 


Q: Class is full!  Is there a waitlist? 

A: Yes! If class is full, MindBody will prompt you if you’d like to join the waitlist… and really, why say anything else but yes?  Also, now is a great time to double check the schedule to see if there is a virtual Pilates, Yoga, or Group Fitness Class offered at that time to join just in case!

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