Lindsay Loth

I took my first Yoga class in 2007 as a stressed out college student.  After the first class, I felt wonderful and I knew I stumbled upon something truly amazing! It took some time but one day I decided I wanted to become a Yoga teacher and help people feel as wonderful as I do when I practice.  I starting training to become a Yoga teacher in 2013 and by the fall of 2014, I was a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher.

I believe Yoga can help build strength, flexibility and balance in the body but also Yoga can help calm the mind by turning our attention to the breath and to the present moment. 

I teach vinyasa flow Yoga. I describe it as flowing through poses, moving with the breath, creating a mind body connection. I opt for everyone to move at their own pace connecting with their breath. I like to offer many variations for poses letting everyone get the most out of every pose by making it their own.

I believe that anyone and everyone can practice Yoga. I strive to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable during the classes that I teach. I hope for students carrying an open mind, ready to learn, grow, and be playful with their practice. I think one of the hardest parts of Yoga is just making it to the mat; once you’ve made it there, it’s all just practice. For those who are new to Yoga or those who have been practicing for years, Yoga can offer light in your life, learning to calm the mind, connecting with the body, and cultivating a happy heart.



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