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Carli Schmaling

Hello WildRoots Friends and Guests!

For those amazing new Guests that I don't know yet, my name is Carli Schmaling, owner of Wildroots Salon and Studio. I have found each of our paths leads us to our special gifts, talents, or passions.  I love people and I love to help them grow finding value within themselves. Often times finding something you're passionate about ends up to be your calling. Passion inspires passion and change inspires more change. This is why I live for what I do in my career.

WildRoots Salon and Studio's name is inspired by the reflection nature gives us in our own lives. We can see this symbolism in plants. We start small like a seedling and with time and maturity sprout roots. Our roots begin growing down and drawing up enrichment to our lives and nourish our souls. Our lives blossom with whatever it is we seek.

I began in the beauty industry in 2006 as an Esthetician. I became very passionate about skin care and learned all I could to see transformation in my guests skin. I knew there was more than just improving how we look, but in turn how we feel.  I soon realized I could bring new perspective to my guests and began cosmetology in 2007. I want all women to know that they are naturally beautiful and the tools we use are only to enhance what they already have.  I love to share tips and tricks that I have learned over the years with my guests and give them the confidence they need to repeat the look. It is fun to suggest a new hair color/cut for a guest or teach them what they are looking for in their eyebrow shape to frame their eye.  

Throughout my adolescence and into my adult years I have sought out what path was right for me with exercise and nutrition. I have always been fascinated by the human body but didn't always love and appreciate my body for what it was, nor did I nurture it for all it had given me throughout the years.  I realized this component of self care is the most important for most of us.  Exercise is movement, and without movement and nutrition our lives are compromised, depleted, and lifeless.  In 2009 my focus changed and I began to incorporate movement and exercise with activities and classes.  Pilates became my favorite and I wanted to share this great exercise with anyone who wanted to build a strong healthy relationship with their body and mind. I completed a 500 hr teacher training program that helped prepare me for the PMA exam (Pilates Method Alliance).  This certification is recognized as a nation wide Pilates standard and assures it is taught safely.

All in all, I care for people and the relationship they have with themselves. We are here to help each other, empower one another, and grow into our own because of the positive encouragement we have sought.  I will forever be a student in all areas of life with a humble and willing heart to learn and to flourish.


Thank you so much for finding value in yourself and inspiring others to do the same.




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