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↠BALANCE is not something you find, it’s something you Create↞

Living a BALANCED life is how to live a healthy life!


BALANCE Program Outline


Welcome to our BALANCE Program, where our team of holistic-minded Pilates, yoga, and wellness professionals are ready to serve as your companion on your journey to feeling whole, happy, and confident again. We are a studio that specializes in equipped Pilates and yoga. We believe these practices give profound benefits to the body. These practices support the body completely and bring alignment, strength, flexibility, and BALANCE that opens a new sense of body awareness. You will feel supported and at your best when you have optimal body movement, core strength , flexibility, and energy. We use movement and equipment to find connection in the wisdom of the body with the mind. Find your true path of health, healing, and BALANCE.


How does the program work?


  • Give us a call or sign up online for your BALANCE Beginning Wellness Assessment. Keep your eye on your email inbox from JANE (online waivers/medical records). You will receive an Intention Intake form and studio waiver to fill out prior to your visit.

  • At your BALANCEd Beginning Wellness Assessment, we welcome you to come as you are. SHOWING UP for yourself is the first and hardest step. We discuss any history, aches, or pains, and look at body alignment and muscle activation.

  • We work with you to identify your true intention for your ideal body health and wellness needs. Our Intention Intake form gives you awareness and can help you create space and time as well as commitment to oneself in an agreement of showing up for yourself.  

  • We will teach you about our BALANCE Program options and guide you to the package that is best for you and your WHOLE-istic lifestyle (number of classes per week, physical abilities, financial considerations, and motivational support) which will ultimately allow you to reach your goals.

  • We can customize a movement plan including things you can do right away on your own and additional tools throughout the program.

  • We are here to keep you accountable as you establish new habits and lifestyle changes through our classes, workshops, and our BALANCE Rewards program.

  • You have begun to create BALANCE by developing a plan to take these actionable steps towards strength and wisdom from the inside out.


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BALANCE Program options

RESET, REFOCUS, RENEW your body and soul.

It's TIME!
Are you ready? 
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